Love that leads to marriage is a gift from God and a great act of faith toward other human beings.

Pope St John Paul ΙΙ


Cherishing Your Wedding - helping couples prepare for marriage in the Catholic Church

Preparation for marriage is a time of great excitement. However, it is all too easy to get swept along on the tide of wedding planning, with its endless lists to make, menus to select, and colour schemes to choose.

Cherishing Your Wedding: Preparing Couples for Marriage in the Catholic Church is a thoroughly comprehensive yet easy to understand guide which covers everything you need to know to create a beautiful ceremony and to prepare for married life thereafter.

It addresses both the practical and spiritual aspects of planning a Catholic wedding, including providing an authentic perspective on what marriage is, a review of the promises you will make during the wedding ceremony and an overview of the various elements of the ceremony itself, both within and outside of Holy Mass. It also covers some common questions and concerns, including the requirements of mixed marriages. Each chapter concludes with suggested practical tips, points of reflection and a prayer.

This valuable resource is ideal for anyone who wishes to get married in the Catholic church, as well as for those preparing couples for marriage as they accompany them on their journey to the altar.

(Faithful to Church teaching, Cherishing Your Wedding has an imprimatur.)

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