“Everything comes from Love; all is ordained

for the salvation of man”


Breaking open the beauty of Catholic teaching on marriage



Grounded and Rooted in Love ​ is a day long, interactive workshop for engaged and married couples which explores love and marital intimacy. Based on John Paul II’s work Theology of the Body, we look at married love in the divine plan as the foundation for strong and joyful marriages.


What I do

Talks and formation for engaged and married couples and those involved in supporting them, as well as students and RCIA candidates, on the theology and practical lived experience of married life, flowing from our dignity as men and women made in the image of God.



For more information on the various topics which form the basis of my presentations, visit my resources page. Here you’ll find a selection of texts, videos and other resources related to marriage, family life, and the Catholic Church. These resources are all available online.

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